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L'autre jour quelqu'un se lamentait (au moins!) que #Signal ne soit pas dispo sur #FDroid : je suis tombé sur une astuce :

pas besoin de s'embêter à dl l'apk officielle sur le site tous les 4 matins pour avoir les updates, vous pouvez obtenir une version débarassée des google services sur froid en quelques clics :)

re: #Veganuary, vegan food picture, mock-meat, fat 

Et dans la foulée, je publie les recettes pour aujourd’hui, qui sont sensiblement plus simples que d’habitude :

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re: #Veganuary, vegan food picture, mock-meat, fat 

J’ai laissé le retard s’accumuler sur mon , mais je reprends le rythme. Voici donc l’unique recette d’hier, parce que sur un dimanche soir, vous avez mérité du repos, et le droit de finir des restes des jours précédents

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Here are all the fediverse/peerhub instances associated with (far-right hub operating under the guise of being anti-big-tech):


Des gens qui sauraient comment on pourrait dire "non-binaire" en Breton ?

PeerTube Moderation 

As suggested* by @zoe I add the following "fightbigtech" PeerTube's instances to the list:

- katiehopkinspolitical .icu
- voicenews .icu
- antivaxxer .icu
- theduran .icu
- censorship .icu
- political .icu


#FediBlock #FediAdmin #Peertube

Peertube moderation, openly fascist instance 

Adding oursocialism. today to the list.

It's an openly fascist instance.

The admin name display name is "National Socialism" and use a nazi icon for the instance.

fediverse meta, pol, be on your guard 


- trumpian fash being banned on neolib social media and looking for new online spaces
- strange bots posing as trans women and reposting popular reddit content
- upsurge of kiwifarms pleroma activity

it seems like the fedi is an unsafer space as of now, and that (more than usual) one shouldn't assume good faith just because somebody has pronouns in bio and light side keywords. it's one thing to deal with tech libertarians and obvious fash trolls, another with kf infiltrators.

will be leaving my alts locked for now and using locked posts more. I'd recommend being extra careful posting any sort of exploitable content.


SBC Meta, Block 

- A nazi activity pub instance that just popped up.

unsolicited diet/nutrient advice 

Hey, if you are looking into eating in accordance with vegan or going "plant-based" yourself a favor and check out Mic the Vegan on YouTube. Great *science based* content. He's covered a ton in the past but is still keeping up with new scientific studies and responding to official guidelines (as in vid linked below).

Do somebody know a good dating site you can use as a lesbian, which you can access with your computer, without paying nor giving your phone number ?

I really need it

French fash birdsite refugee 

JujuBrozeur[@] is a youtuber who's been banned from birdsite and tries to escape "censorship".

They expressed their bigotery, ableism, anti-blackness on their very first interaction with fedi users (CW French language):

After scratching the surface, it figures that they also created a profile on (same nickname if you look for it) where they praise "left nationalism", mention escaping SJW's censorship and other foul ideas.

We are beyond the simple red-flagging here.


Meta, fascists 

AWS is yanking Parler, which means it will probably go offline at least for a while.

This is an especially important time to be vigilant about fascists on the fediverse and not give any foothold to them. They'll be casting around for a new home rn and this mustn't become one.

Please use the #fediblock tag to alert for fascist instances.

fediblock 1/n 

Here is a list of instance we blocked recently (last two month or so).


fediblock, seems to be a gab-adjacent instance #fediblock

Bravo à l'équipe de #traduction française de #Wordpress qui a fait un travail remarquable pour aller vers l'écriture inclusive

des décisions collectives et raisonnées qui pourraient ou devraient inspirer pas mal de communautés de traducteurs et traductrices.

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