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"Anarchogender is a non-binary gender characterized by a rejection of the gender binary and its social hierarchy, and/or being an anarchist affects your perception of gender. It could also mean your gender is just anarchy, it's up to the interpretation of whoever uses the label. Anarchogender is an unaligned gender that cannot be defined by the binary and will not conform to it. Can be considered a form of genderf*ck or genderpunk."


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re: Long post, orientation, LGBT history 

Uranian is a comprehensive term for LGBT+ people used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is an English translation of the German word Urning and its derivatives. The term stems from the idea common in early sexology that a gay man has a partly female soul, and a lesbian has a partially male soul. While most people using the term Uranian were cis gay men, the term spread to other identities all over Europe.


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