The triple trouble event, what a fucking nightmare. I came unprepared (that's my bad) but ultimately did well. The other groups however, not so much. Note to myself: read the wiki before the event, look for a squad.

A good virtual assistant too. I tried sepia, it doesn't work for some reason (maybe bc I use microG)

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Is there a good speech to text tool aside from the google voice keyboard?

frpol, covid-19 

Le gouvernement: Démerdez-vous pour les masques!
Le gouvernement: Mais bon, on est solidaires, allez on vous en envoie
Les masques: pas assez grands, ne se plaquent pas bien
Le gouvernement: Voyez comme on est bons!

Here are the pictures I was able to take of the storm passing not too far from me. I struggled to have a clear result (couldn't use autofocus and well, I couldn't know when my manual focus was right) but ultimately those are not so bad.

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Olalaaaaa j'ai une orage qui passe pas loin de moi et j'ai pu prendre de super photos!!!

Lmao I tried to configure the location with microG on new install of the LineageOS fork, now it won't boot

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I mean, it seems well thought, but it's not the latest version of LineageOS and Idk how up to date they usually are.

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I was tempted to install Linux on it but tbf I'd rather have a good UX from the beginning rather than try to figure out everything. Also have access to all android apps. It's become kind of an accessibility device for me now...

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Gonna install LineageOS on my phone. A bit tired of Resurrection Remix.

food (non vegetarian) 

Meanwhile, my buckwheat crêpes are a success with my boyfriend. Egg, bacon, emmental, spinach

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food (vegetarian) 

Gonna try using the radish tops in something like an omelett I think. Any tips on how to use them is appreciated

J'étais pas inspiré pour les courses ou faire à manger puis au final j'ai acheté masse de légumes frais chez le maraîcher à 5 min de chez moi (plus cher, mais pas tant).

Mozilla n'a vraiment pas honte de mettre google en moteur de recherche par défaut et le pin par défaut avec Amazon dans les top sites 🙄​

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