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(french below that toot)

Hi, I'm Nathaël, a 29 yo french blue, green and queer :anarchism:​ I don't do much praxis as I happen to also be mentally ill :battery_glitch:​ (untreated inattentive type , anxiety and depression), though I'd like to one day!

My interests:
:witches_town:, astrology, witchcraft
🎨 art (painting, drawing)

I switch between those depending on my mood, the weather and the alignment of the stars.

I do my best to put descriptions on images and describe boosted pictures without one.

Le stick analogique de ma manette de Xbox One est pété (genre la sphère «tombe»). Est-ce que quelqu'un sait si c'est réparable?

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The analog stick of my Xbox One controller is broken (like the sphere "falls"). Does anyone know if this is fixable?

(please boost) asking for money help 

hello! i need $75 to help cover ordering groceries and buying medical weed for this week

i have to work from home bc i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me. i'm job searching again with the new resume my friend helped me with





thank you 🖤

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund


Instance admins, I advise you to block chudbuds dot lol.

was created 16/09, is now home of thousands of kiwifarmers. receipts below.


cagnotte soutien femme trans 

Nous partageons la cagnotte d'Éléonore qui a besoin d'aide pour survivre

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

It's official- the studio I work for is shuttering in a month.

If you need or know someone who needs either:

- A Unity/C# Generalist

- A programmer with a background in music / audio technology

- An Art Hacker with gallery / museum experience

for paid work, I would deeply appreciate the connection

Boosts much appreciated.

vantablack parking lot selfie (cw: eye contact) 


Vous savez s'il y a des solutions contre les ronflements à réveiller les morts? J'ai essayé une pastille quies mais c'était pas concluant. Des idées?

I don't want to spend, again, 1 hour in a shower, a good 10-15 min head down, back hurting. Also feeling all wet ugh.

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I suppose it's gonna be towels everywhere and a spray bottle.

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How can I untangle my hair in front of my computer without putting water and product everywhere hmm...

Hi folks!

If everyone in the whole world [whose gender isn't adequately expressed or defined by the gender binary of M/F] could please take part in these test questions, it will really help a lot in the design of the 2023 Gender Census...

Thank you!

my partner just tested positive again and i just started to show symptoms 3 days ago so im sure im still positive. but we can't stay here 10 more days. we've decided to just drive home thru amerikkka and then cross the border in washington and quarantine at home. if anyone lives near I-90 and has a backyard or basement two covid positive queers can camp in HMU

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